Phone Screen Repair

Phone Screen Repair

Phone Screen Is Cracked / Damaged ?

We’ve all done it. You lose control of your phone and suddenly turn into a master juggler for a brief second. Everything is going well, you’ve almost caught it and prevented a crack, but then you launch into acrobatics trying to catch it, just to miss it completely – as you watch it fly in slow motion towards the ground – of course, it’s face down. 

You cringe and say a little prayer, “Please don’t let my screen be broken.” But deep down, you know this won’t be pretty. 

You pick it up slowly, turning it over with your eyes closed, and it’s ok. You let out a big sigh of relief. But that’s not always what happens. As we all know, this is the best-case scenario when you drop your phone. But, we are here to handle the worst-case scenario. What should you do when your screen cracks? 

Sometimes a crack appears, webbing spreads over the phone, or the screen starts to discolor. The worst-case scenario is when you can’t see anything but a collection of multi-colored pixels.

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